Click here to download the Redfern Review, available 16th November 2016


The Redfern Review was commissioned by John Healey MP in late October 2015.

It is an independent review into the causes of falling homeownership and the future direction of homeownership trends.  It is not a policy review for the Labour Party, with its main objective to create critical review of the environment for homeownership and ways in which it can be improved.
Five years after the UK economy emerged from the global banking crisis and deep recession, opportunities to buy should be increasing yet homeownership levels have fallen every year and the number of people with a mortgage in 2014 was 10% lower than in 2010.  Standing back, the overall trend to declining homeownership levels has been a long term one, showing a clear trend since the turn of the century. Current schemes and public policies are failing to reverse the trend or meet people’s widespread aspirations.
The Redfern Review has analysed the decline in homeownership by initially focusing on five main themes, reviewing the main factors that are driving this trend:

The specific constraints on buying your first home
The effectiveness of transitions in home tenure
Homeownership later in life
Housing supply
Short, medium and long term impact of the current policies